Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zora Neale Hurston: I Get Born

I thought this was an interesting story but i didn't really like the way it was written. I guess i like stuff i read to be written in proper English. First off, i don't understand the saying "I get born". Is it the same as just being born? Maybe its just a saying for a mistake child? I think the author has sort of a depressing undercurrent for most of the story but towards the end when she's talking about how she started walking its a little less depressing and a little light-hearted.
I think she writes this story with a little bit of slang to it and it has just a little bit of a sarcastic tone to it.
I kind of felt like the writer was trying to get sympathy or something from telling this story basically about how she was unwanted by her dad. But i guess she is just telling her story.

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